Burndown Graphs

A Burndown graph like you’ve never seen it before!

ScrumMaster puts a powerful forecasting tool at your finger tips.  The Backlog graph not only shows you where you are (work completed against future work scoped), you can change a key assumption to see how that change will impact the future end date or Velocity.

ScrumMaster Burndown Graphs

What’s your finish date? Use ScrumMaster Burndown graphs to project into the future.

1.  Here is your current project status.  The main graph displays the completed story points against the projected burndown velocity, and the story points remaining.

Now ask, “What if…?”

Tap the arrow buttons to expand your choices.

2.  Change key assumptions that affect end date—watch it change before your eyes:

  • Based on future velocity
  • A specific delivery date

3.  How confident are you in this Velocity estimate?  (+/- 0% to 15%)

4.  How confident are you about the volatility of the ‘Backlog remaining’ estimate?   (+/- 0% to 20%)

5.  Here are the cost projections based on the assumptions selected above.  Results are calculated from the project details you set (number of team members whose work actively reduces the Backlog, average hourly cost, and sprint definitions) and the future velocity you selected.


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