Getting Started

ScrumMaster™ is a pretty heavy-duty application, with lots of bits and pieces.  The good news is you can make it as simple or complex as you want to.  Where to start?  Do you need to use all of its functionality?

ScrumMaster IS Agile

The project management cycle. WiFi connects the Scrum Master to team members using Agile Story Sizing Cards™.

Whether you use all or only some Agile, Scrum, or traditional PMI project management approaches, ScrumMaster is designed to be flexible.

1.  After you download the application to your tablet or PC, start with the Tutorial (also here on the blog site).  Swipe from the tablet’s right edge to access it anytime from your Charms menu:  Settings > Tutorial.  It will give you an overview of how a project is built and how ScrumMaster works.

Project Dashboard

Check out the tutorial, here at or on your application.

NEW:  Have you downloaded the ScrumMaster Agile project management demo file?  Use the new Get more cloud icon in the menu bar and download the Demonstration Project.  Reference the project data assumptions as you analyze the screen displays.

Get more for ScrumMaster™

Get more for ScrumMaster™

ScrumMaster Project Management Demo

ScrumMaster Project Management Demo

2.  Using the demo file, explore the ScrumFunctions.  Sprint 6 ready for you to add stories, tasks, and run rituals.  Play around to get a feel for how everything works.

3.  Create your first project from the home page.  Swipe from the top or bottom edges to explore the unique menu options on each page.  Tap to select and open your menu options.  Check out each field’s details, as the fields you choose to use will create your report information.

Use the Find Your Answer drop down menu on the right to go directly to tips, tricks, and comments about a specific ScrumFunction area.

Remember, we want to hear from you.  There are no ‘dumb questions’!  We’ll give you the best answers we can and hope other Scrum Masters from around the world will step in, too.

Love the ScrumMaster trial?  Click to buy ScrumMaster from the Microsoft Store.  Don’t forget your team members using Agile Story Sizing Cards on their Windows 8 devices (and Windows phones, any day!) can vote and connect with you automatically during Sprint Planning.  It’s free and available for Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone users!

Close Agile Sprint Session Vote

Accept each task vote, and when ready, close the Sprint Planning session.

ScrumMaster dynamically tallies team member votes to establish the ‘Agreed upon Story Point Value’ for each task in the sprint, whether you manually enter an individual’s vote or they use Agile Story Sizing Cards™.  It also automatically tracks meeting time and cost, based on number of meeting participants whose work contributes to backlog burndown and meeting time (minimum 1 Story Point Value).
ScrumMaster Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Phone

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