(7) Daily Standup

Once you’ve conducted a sprint planning session, the project sprint is active.  Start a Daily Standup (7) session from the ScrumFunction bar to change task status and log progress.

Depending on your corporate needs, you can run a Daily Standup with your team every day, weekly, or not at all.

You must run at least one Daily Standup before you can close the sprint using a Retrospective session.  You can also run a Retrospective and update your data on your own or as meetings with your team.

Start a Daily Standup

Start a Daily Standup

To begin, swipe from the top edge to display the App bars.

1.  If running a team meeting, activate any attending Teammates not using NextWave’s Agile Story Sizing Cards application.  Tap an individual’s ‘X’ or tap ‘Activate all Team members’.

Conducting a Daily Standup meeting with the Team can determine from each member:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What are you committing to do today?
  • Are there any impediments to you getting today’s work done?

2.  Tap ‘Start timing ritual’ to begin the session.

3.  Tap the screen center to close the App bars and display this sprint’s stories and tasks.

4.  Change the status of individual tasks, if applicable.

5.  Any note you make saves by sprint Day #.

Ready to end the session?  Swipe to re-open the App bars.  Note that new options appear in the App bars.  You can make sprint adjustments during the meeting as needed: add additional tasks from the Backlog or create new tasks.

Change Task Status in the Daily Standup

Change Task Status during the Daily Standup

6.  Tap ‘Stop timing ritual’ to end this Daily Standup and ‘Yes’ if your session is over.

Tip:  Use at any time:

7.  ‘Abandon this ritual!’ to delete all changes made during the session.

8.  Add an existing story and its tasks from the Backlog into this sprint.

9.  Create a new task and add it to this sprint.

The Daily Sprint History chart builds with every session held.  It shows you at a glance what type of work was completed and provides an overall sense of where the work is in the cycle.


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