Conduct the Vote

The Scrum Master leads the discussion:  How big is this task?  When discussion is over, the Scrum Master leads the vote.  Everyone votes using the NextWave Story Sizing Cards application on their devices or an Agile planning poker card deck.

NOTE:  Use Charms > Settings > Agile Sizing Cards to change card style type (T-Shirt, Fibonacci, Classic Numbering, or Man-hours sizing), card cover image, and color at any time.  Team members using Agile Story Sizing Cards have similar menus on their tablet or phone application.

ScrumMaster and Agile Story Sizing Cards in Action

Manage an active sprint planning session vote using the ScrumMaster™ application.


1. What’s your vote?  Tap to select a story size card.

2. Double-tap the card to make your selection and hide your vote.

3. Wait until the entire team is ready to reveal their votes.  Tap the card back to reveal your choice.

4. ScrumMaster will display individual team member votes to the right of your vote, on your screen.  Tap to add the vote value of any card deck voters.  NextWave’s Agile Story Sizing Cards™ application votes display automatically.

5. Votes are averaged and the result displays.  However, you can use the slider to change the value to accept, if desired.

6. Are you ready to accept this agreed upon value?  Or, do you need more discussion and another vote?  Tap your card to continue.
ScrumMaster Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Phone

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