Manage Team Information

From time to time, you’ll need to update team member information.

Manage Team Information
Activate a team member’s profile to update information

1. Tap to select an individual. Their profile pops to the active center window (2).

2. Tap individual ‘Team attributes’ titles or double-tap to edit profile details using the ‘EDIT’ screen.
[KEY]  The ‘Backlog’ setting tracks whether or not their work effort contributes to backlog burndown and project cost.

Swipe from an edge to display the bottom App bar.

3. Tap ‘Remove team member’ to take someone off the Team (the profile remains in ‘NextWave ScrumMaster’ contacts).

4. Tap ‘Connectivity status’ to troubleshoot any problems with your ScrumMaster peer-to-peer network.  For more information, see Connect Your Team.

5. To assist troubleshooting, tap ‘Activate/Deactivate all Team members’ to update communication with each teammate’s device.

Other App bar options manage your project Team.
[KEY]  ScrumMaster calculates work hours for productivity metrics using all team member profiles set to ‘Team attributes: Backlog: Work effort reduces backlog’ [2].  However, ritual (meeting) time only includes members actually attending and activated by you for a specific session.
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