(2) Create Your Team

Team is ScrumFunction (2) at the top menu bar.  There are two ways to create your project Team. Swipe from an edge to display the bottom App bar.

Add existing or create new team mates
Add existing or create new team mates

1. Tap ‘Add a new person’.  A new profile screen opens.  Complete the fields you want to use to create an individual profile (details follow).

These individual profiles are saved to NextWave ScrumMaster contacts.

2. Tap ‘Choose from contacts’ to access your contacts folders.  Choose from your ‘NextWave ScrumMaster’ contact list (previously created ScrumMaster profiles) or your computer’s ‘People’ Windows contact list.

3. Tap to select an individual.

4. Tap ‘OK’.

The individual is added to your team page.

The Team

ScrumMaster recognizes some team members’ efforts reduce the project backlog, for example, the developers’ work in a software project.  Other team members have important roles that do not directly impact backlog, for example, Subject Matter Experts, the client, or a product owner.

Let’s look at how you customize Team profiles to best meet your management—and reporting—needs.  Tap an existing Team member’s profile to activate it (pops up to center window display).

Team Member Profiles set analytics
Set KEY profile settings for analytics

ScrumMaster lets you control the level of detail you want available in each team member profile.  Teammate profiles can be simple: only a name.  Or, they can include a picture, profile, job title, role, contact information, and how they communicate with you during Agile rituals (for example, face-to-face or ‘connected’ using a specific device).

1.  Tap ‘Add a new person’ or double-tap an active profile to open the ‘CREATE/EDIT A TEAM MEMBER’ screen.

2.  The ‘+’ buttons open additional field options.  Add the details you want available: – Name – Phone – Email – Address – Other info (e.g., Profile) – Picture

Up in the dashboard, under ‘Team Attributes’, tap to change individual settings for:

3.  Backlog [KEY] (tracks project cost)

4.  Role

5.  Rituals (meetings)

6.  Uses [KEY] (cards or device for ScrumMaster/Agile Story Sizing Cards connection)

– Connects (ScrumMaster updates automatically)

– Network (ScrumMaster updates automatically)


ScrumMaster Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Phone

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