(1) Create Your Project

Welcome to the NextWave ScrumMaster™ home page.

ScrumMaster home page menus
Swipe to add a project

When you first open your ScrumMaster application, the page is blank.  To navigate quickly within your project, tap a ScrumFunction icon or swipe the pages.  Swiping from the top or bottom edge displays each screen’s unique ‘App bar’ options.

The eight (8) ‘ScrumFunctions’ at the top create, define, and manage your project from start to finish.

These ScrumFunctions define your project and individual sprints: 1. Projects 2. Team Members 3. Project Topics (Themes) 4. Milestones 5. Backlog

These ScrumFunctions manage your sprint: 6. Sprint Planning Meeting 7. Daily Stand-Up 8. Sprint Retrospective

To create your first project, swipe from an edge to display App bar options.  Tap ‘Add a project’.  The ‘NEW PROJECT’ screen displays.

New project definition screen
Project variables are defined here

What level of project detail works best for you?

At a minimum, you need to name your project (1), define your sprint variables (2), and select when your team’s work is considered ‘done’ (3).  A description (4) and picture representative of your project (5) will show up on the home page center dashboard.  Update (6) saves your changes.

The result: All projects display here on the Projects home screen.

Dashboard shows sprint status
Dashboard: project status at a glance!

1. Here’s the dashboard. The active project’s picture tile, description, and sprint status display in the center window. The ‘Progress bar’ (now 0) displays the completed Backlog percentage, dynamically updating at the end of every sprint.

2. As you add more projects, their tiles display below the active project window. Tap a tile to open the project.

Swipe from an edge to display the bottom App bar.

3. Note the new task options to ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, or ‘Pin’ your project, with more project management options on the right (explained later).

NOTE: The number of active projects displayed varies by NextWave ScrumMaster™ version: 30 Day Trial (1 project), NextWave ScrumMaster™ (3 projects), and NextWave ScrumMaster™ Unlimited (unlimited projects).

Project home page dashboard
Sprint and project completion dynamically updates.

IMPORTANT: Your .scrum file automatically saves to the location you chose when you first opened ScrumMaster. You can use ‘Export project file’ in the App bar to manually save or share it to another specific location. Use ‘Import a project file’ to bring a saved project into ScrumMaster.

Once you have created the project, it’s time to create the project team. Tap ‘Team’ (ScrumFunction 2) to display the ‘Team’ screen.


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