NextWave ScrumMaster in China

A new friend in Beijing sent us this.  It’s always exciting to see your app in other languages—stoked we got featured in the Microsoft Store!

Featured in the Microsoft Store

Featured in the Microsoft Store

NextWave Mobile Apps

ScrumMaster Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Phone

Having fun tracking your expenses?

Of course not.  Whether you’re a road warrior filing expense reports or just staying on top of your business or personal expenses, it’s a pain.  More painful when you forget and lose the reimbursement or tax write-off.  Money lost!

Our NextWave Mobile Apps solution?

Use the right device for the job.

Use your phone to capture and record mileage and receipts… it’s not built for efficient typing or data review.  Use your PC or tablet to enter expense details and run reports.

Make the apps work for you.

Minimize time spent on data entry from either device.  Customize each app to meet your individual needs.  Isn’t it fastest to select specific expense types, credit cards, or routine destinations from your personalized dropdown menu?

Keep control of your data.

Stay secure and save money—use apps that sync locally to transfer your records across your secure WiFi network—bypass the Cloud security issues and forget about ongoing fees.

As to the fun…

Well, you can change app color schemes.  Drive a tank or fly a UFO on your Easy Auto Log map.  All a bit lame but we haven’t gamified this routine bookkeeping process we all hate to do.  Yet.  Any ideas?  Send us a Tweet: @NextWaveScrum or @NextWaveMobile


See for yourself. Click the links below to download and try out all three apps for FREE.

Easy Expense Tracker Windows 8 Easy Auto Log Windows 8 Phone Easy Receipt Log Windows 8 Phone

Rogue IT!

The larger ‘swell’ is change coming from the bottom up.

You already bring your own tech (BYOT) to work, on your tablet or phone, to get the job done better/easier/faster.  Bonus: you are free from being locked into outdated corporate IT constraints.  And the ‘Help Desk’.

Benefits for corporations:
  1. It’s a whole lot cheaper… to buy and maintain.
  2. You’re more agile, in the flexibility sense of the word.
  3. Your people get and use the latest and greatest solutions available.
It’s a win-win, my friends, this next wave of change.  If you develop software, this is (or will be) you.  This is us.  NextWave Online Training is riding!
NextWave IS Rogue IT

NextWave IS Rogue IT.
ScrumMaster Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Phone

MetaPro IS the NextWave!

Holographic apps?  You bet.

Meta Holographic AR

The future is AR apps in action, and they’re nearly here.

NextWave is onboard to start development using Meta‘s cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology.  We can’t wait to get started in June!

Check out this video if you haven’t seen #Meta in action.

MetaPro Glasses

MetaPro glasses will drive AR apps

Updating Trial Version?


A few more tweaks to Reports and a couple of bug fixes.  Working #Lean and #Agile, we release versions as often as we can to respond to your user comments and needs.  Keep them coming!

Download the latest release from the Microsoft Store.  If you’re running any ScrumMaster version, you should automatically receive an update notice from the App Store (Windows 8.1 users may need to search for it).

Biggest enhancement to version 1.1?  A ScrumMaster demonstration project file to download.  Now you don’t have to build your own project in the trial version before you can see ScrumMaster in action.

Get more for ScrumMaster™
NEW:  Get more for ScrumMaster™, download DEMO project file from here
ScrumMaster Windows 8

Download Latest Release Now

Very excited about this latest release, available in the Microsoft Store.  If you’re #Agile and running any ScrumMaster version, you should automatically receive an update notice from the App Store.

The new Get More home page menu item organizes Store links, Release notes, and upcoming enhancements.

Get more stuff for ScrumMaster™

Get more stuff for ScrumMaster™

ScrumMaster Get More Stuff

Biggest enhancement in this release?  A ScrumMaster demonstration project file.   If you’re a #scrum master new to ScrumMaster, now you won’t even have to build your own sample project to see ScrumMaster in action.  Download the file and explore the ScrumFunctions.  Sprint 6 ready for you to add stories, tasks, and run rituals.  Be sure to check out how the project end date changes in the burndown graph, depending on the variables you choose for your projections.