Download Latest Release Now

Very excited about this latest release, available in the Microsoft Store.  If you’re #Agile and running any ScrumMaster version, you should automatically receive an update notice from the App Store.

The new Get More home page menu item organizes Store links, Release notes, and upcoming enhancements.

Get more stuff for ScrumMaster™

Get more stuff for ScrumMaster™

ScrumMaster Get More Stuff

Biggest enhancement in this release?  A ScrumMaster demonstration project file.   If you’re a #scrum master new to ScrumMaster, now you won’t even have to build your own sample project to see ScrumMaster in action.  Download the file and explore the ScrumFunctions.  Sprint 6 ready for you to add stories, tasks, and run rituals.  Be sure to check out how the project end date changes in the burndown graph, depending on the variables you choose for your projections.


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