(5) Your Backlog

Stories and their Tasks

A Scrum Master’s primary role is to manage the Backlog: a project’s stories and tasks.  ScrumMaster makes it easy to add, edit, and delete items, change priorities, change project Target Velocity, and actively manage Agile rituals (Sprint Planning and Retrospective voting, Daily Standup status updates).

Best of all, any change you make dynamically re-calculates all project information.  See the impact of your changes immediately, in real time!

Sprints, Stories and Tasks

Project progress at a glance… fingertip management of stories, tasks, and Target Velocity.

As your list of stories builds, use standard gestures to manage both Story and Task lists:

Windows 8 Gestures

Mouse click or use standard Windows 8 gestures to control items on your screen.

  • Press and move an item slightly (or right click) to select it
  • Select and drag items to reorder a list
  • Pinch an expanded story to close its tasks and return to the main Story list

Tap ‘Backlog’ (5) in the ScrumFunction bar to get started.


ScrumMaster Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Agile Story Sizing Cards Windows 8 Phone

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